Finding wings in New York

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No use defending words that you will never say...
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favorite taylor swift songs from each album (remake of this/requested by anonymous)

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"I remember when I was a little kid and I used to sit there and think about how lucky I would be one day where people cared about the words that I wrote or how lucky I would be if someday I was just walking through the mall and saw some little girl walking by with my face on her t-shirt. When you spend so much time daydreaming about things like that, when that actually happens you don’t ever complain about it. When I go to a restaurant, yeah I know that a line is probably going to form in front of the table, but didn’t I always wish for that? Yeah, I did. So it’s like, I never want to be the girl who wanted something so bad her whole life and then gets it and complains about it. I’m not going to be that girl.”

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