Busy streets and busy lives

“She (Taylor Swift) somehow finds a way to needle, to pinpoint a particular spirit or feeling that, to the more susceptible among us at least, directly speaks to something specific and exposed within us. How did she know that that was how I felt?” — (x)

"I’m walking fast through the traffic lights. Busy streets and busy lives."

“At the Bleachers show in Williamsburg in March, Dunham watched from the rafters with Taylor Swift, with whom Antonoff wrote the Golden Globes-nominated song “Sweeter Than Fiction.” Antonoff is a hardcore Swiftie, and he talks about her with the protectiveness and pride of an older brother. “We live in a fascinating time where there’s a weird shift in pop, and certain pop stars aren’t really resonating in the way they were,” he says. “The reason why Taylor stands above everyone else is because she’s a songwriter. She sits in rooms and she writes songs. Most importantly, they sound like her. All the other pop stars, to put it in a really simple way, they’re just not as talented.” Swift’s ability to craft her own material is what sets her apart, he believes. “Other pop stars have to go through, like, a goth phase. You can imagine the marketing meetings behind other pop stars. Whereas the meeting behind Taylor is like, ‘Write a great fucking album,’ which she can.”” —

Jack Antonoff, 

Why Taylor Swift “Stands Above Everyone Else” (x)

Sometimes I feel like happiness is a choice. Hang in there:) [x]

“everyone has a story worth telling everyone”-Taylor Swift