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Title: Ghost
Artist: Klara
Played: 199 times


Nacha inspired to post some music because she was so yeah. I don’t htink I’ve ever posted an original but I wrote this with the guy you hear singing in it (he’s a really nice and talented songwriter) and I’m putting on the EP I’m making in a few weeks! I really hope you like it and I’ll probably put up the studio version when it’s done. This is only an acoustic demo so there’s a bit of messing up, sorry :)


YO i was gonna wait w this until i have my new mic but then i was like ” fuck it im home alone” so yea. songs called the criminal and i wrote it like 2 weeks ago maybe , it was quite a quick and natural thing and im rlly proud awwwwwwww . if u dont completely hate this pls let me know by liking (or reblogging !!! that would be so incredibly awesome wow) the post also messages make me super happy heh : ) i messed up somewhere in there but i guess its ok idk dont hate me im a weakling. downloads enabled, lyrics below the cut

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Title: Red (Piano)
Artist: Taylor Swift
Played: 9629 times

Red (Piano) - Taylor Swift


the fearless, the kind, the honest, the selfless, the intelligent; five factions, five fanmixes. {listen alltogether}

dauntless {listen}

1. bad blood//bastille 2. miss jackson//panic! at the disco featuring lolo 3. na na na//my chemical romance 4. too close//alex clare 5. the reckless and the brave//all time low 6. kiss with a fist//florence & the machine 7. bangarang//skrillex 8. ready aim fire//imagine dragons 9. my songs know what you did in the dark//fall out boy 10. anklebiters//paramore

amity {listen}

1. come on eileen//dexys midnight runners 2. you’ve got the love//florence & the machine 3. open arms//elbow 4. tongue tied//grouplove 5. i don’t know//lisa hannigan 6. wake up//arcade fire 7. i will wait//mumford and sons 8. on top of the world//imagine dragons 9. sweet disposition//the temper trap 10. the john wayne//little green cars

candor {listen}

1. secrets//one republic 2. ellie goulding//lights 3. royals//lorde 4. flaws//bastille 5. this is gospel//panic! at the disco 6. swear it like you mean it//go radio 7. shake it out//florence & the machine 8. who we are//imagine dragons 9. sail//awolnation 10. laura palmer//bastille

abnegation {listen}

1. youth//daughter 2. yellow light//of monsters and men 3. the cave//mumford and sons 4. all i want//ellie goulding (kodaline cover) 5. the a team//ed sheeran 6. stubborn love//the lumineers 7. strawberry swing//coldplay 8. anything could happen//fun (ellie goulding cover) 9. paper cup//the shoe 10. dog days are over//florence & the machine

erudite {listen}

1. cavalier//james vincent mcmorrow 2. spectrum// florence & the machine 3. the lightning strike//snow patrol 4. video games//lana del ray 5. pompeii//bastille 6. arrival of birds (remix)//cinematic orchestra 7. demons//imagine dragons 8. how to save a life//the fray 9. witching hour//little green cars 10. the suburbs (instrumental)//arcade fire

Title: Things We Lost in the Fire (Demo)
Artist: Dan Smith
Played: 13565 times

things we lost in the fire demo

Title: Mr. Brightside (Acoustic)
Artist: The Killers
Played: 52031 times


The Killers “Mr Brightside” Acoustic BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge [Download]

Title: Sweet Tea and God's Graces
Artist: Taylor Swift
Played: 251 times


Our Top 10 Unreleased Taylor Swift Songs ; 5.) Sweet Tea and God’s Graces.

Autumn rain, window pane
look at the how the leaves change
just like the two of us
still got your laugh, your ghost, your jacket
guess I loved you way too much.

This song is even more country than anything Taylor released on her first two albums; the most country song she’s ever recorded (aside from What Do You Say), in my opinion. The concepts, the instrumentals, and the writing all come together to make a country song that would’ve been a huge hit, if it had been given the chance.

Title: Demons (Acoustic)
Artist: Imagine Dragons
Played: 39331 times


Hey guys!! This is my new song and is called Time to Forget <3 
Maybe it’s time to start again
Keeping the good things
Only as memories in my head
Maybe it’s time to let go
Realize that I love myself the most
and you were just a chapter, a long gone soul.

Maybe its time to grow

Questions as why when and how
Lingering in my head
Keeping me up at 3am
You cut the strings of us
So suddenly
No goodbye in between

Maybe it’s time to stop the fall

And say I’m here, I’m alive
Stop wrrying about your lies
Say goodbye won’t see you tonight
But it’s for the best
It’s Time To Forget.

Maybe it’s hard to admit
You were a dead lost cause
Not even love could save you
Yeah, at least I tried hopefully nonstop
But it hurts seeing your closed door

There’s no time to recall

I’ll say I’m here, I’m alive
Stop worrying about your lies
Say goodbye wont see you tonight
But it’s for th best
Say I’ll be good enough
There’s a lot more to give of my heart
There’s a lot more than grey clouds in the sky
I’ll do my best
It’s Time To Forget

Is like you left me travelling all alone
In the cruel journey back home
Trying to find myself again
The one I was before
The ‘cry for you’ events
Did you miss me while finding yours?

I’ll say I’m here, I’m alive
Stop worrying about your lies
Say goodbye wont see you tonight
But it’s for th best
Say I’ll be good enough
There’s a lot more to give of my heart
There’s a lot more than grey clouds in the sky
I’ll do my best
It’s Time To Forget

-Nacha Cordova <3

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