Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman  |  Harry Potter Wizard’s Collection [x]

there are 6 different packs of the little pics and that makes me so mad they could just fucking sell a pack with all the pictures like i’m sorry i can’t buy more than 6 albums and i fuckin want all the pictures damn i’m mad

How does 1989 compare to Red?


Taylor had this bar with all sorts of alcohol just sitting out, so when it was almost time to leave I walked up to Taylor and I was like “hey Taylor can we take a shot before we leave?!” And she was like “ooh like a Polaroid??” And I was like “no like a shot shot. I saw all of that alcohol over there…let’s take a shot!” And she like pushed my shoulder and laughed out loud and was like “hahaha no…that would be great for the rumors wouldn’t it?!”


if u hate taylors new single u can shake ur ass off to hell

And we can shake, shake, shake!

“I wanna define my life on my own terms.” — Taylor Swift on her priorities now (x)




Taylor admits having the hots for the girl.

My ex man brought his new girlfriend
She’s like oh my god
But I’m just gonna shake

I think it’s she’s like “oh my God”

Yeah but just run with it. It’s more amusing that way

1989 photoshoot.

she loves this son but the real question is what about all the other children

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