Title: Things We Lost in the Fire (Demo)
Artist: Dan Smith
Played: 10757 times

things we lost in the fire demo


first time using watercolorrr 👍


Happy Easter everyone! To celebrate (and because I haven’t made one in a while) here is a follow forever featuring a very bad edit I made to be cool (look at dylan though isn’t he cute and oh hot damn colin too I have shivers just editing this lmao) but anyway here is a list of people I love. Bolded are friends, Italics are favourites:P 

One last thing, if I didn’t put you on here and you know we talk often and you know I consider you my friend, PLEASE TELL ME. I will not hesitate to put you on it with a huge apology too. There’s a good chance I forgot someone cause I suck lol. I love you all. 

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So Keds USA got back to me about my design today and it’s going to be reviewed by the marketing team to see if it’d be possible to make them! I’M SO NERVOUS AND EXCITED AND HOPING!

I tweeted them the link to my tumbr in my last email to them (which they’ve seen and replied to!) so they’re watching you all comment and reblog these! :P

Seriously guys…if you love these and you want Keds to make MY WANEGBT Keds (based on Taylor’s concert outfit of course!) please reblog and stuff, I want as many Swifties to see these as possible!

There’s currently 843 Swifties who’ve told me they love them and want a pair - TUMBLR - can we make this number rise? <3

Thank you so much - and STAY BEAUTIFUL! <3

Title: Mr. Brightside (Acoustic)
Artist: The Killers
Played: 37151 times


The Killers “Mr Brightside” Acoustic BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge [Download]

you're not useless! thank you so much, btw! i've heard of nicotine a lot! im gonna listen to them now. and tbh i have the whole imagine dragons discography downloaded and you know what? i dont really listen to all of it either! lol thank you again :)

hahahahaha yeah i have this horrible habit of always downloading full discographies and not even listening to half of them lol but anyways it was no problem at all!!!!

hey yumi! how are you? i dont wanna bother you at all but can you recommend me some Panic! At The Disco songs, please? :)

Hi there! I’m good, thanks for asking! And it’s no bother at all, though I really don’t listen to them all that much, so I don’t know that many songs hahahahaha but I love This Is Gospel, Girls/Girls/Boys, Nicotine, Collar Full, The Ballad Of The Mona Lisa, Hurricane, Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off, I Write Sins Not Tragedies and Build God Then We’ll Talk. Like I do realize these are mostly singles but I’m really not THAT into them I have their whole discography downloaded but I don’t listen to all of it idk I’m sorry for being useless

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