what are you doing, taylor alison swift..

Um…being a vampire

“She does a killer red lip. I’ll give that girl credit. She can whip a red lip on like nobody else, and it’s amazing. Even if we’re working out, she’ll have on this gorgeous red lip. She’s not human!…. You know, I think I would end up having the red lip from ear to ear. I’m not as graceful with a red lip as she is.” — Karlie Kloss, It appears that your cut influenced the celebrity crowd, too—including your friend Taylor Swift. Has she taught you any good beauty tips? (x)

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The fact that Taylor hasn’t lost a single fan after all the horrible media attacks in 2013 says a lot about how wrong the media was and how well we fans know Taylor and how much we trust her. Usually stars lose MANY fans once they get bad headlines but here we are, the Taylor fandom which stands behind Taylor more than ever before and that makes me so proud

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I am sorry for being so annoying and emotional, but I was JUST talking to Yumi everswift about how upset I was, not only because Taylor wasn’t following me but for others things too. I was so sad yesterday and today, my birthday sucked and I’ve cried multiples times since yesterday. And Yumi…

you literally deserve all the happiness in the world and you have no idea how glad i am that made you happy. ily loads iasmo ❤️



It is the year after the Battle of Hogwarts. School is starting again. And the thestrals are confused by all of the attention they are getting.


oh no